What we did - Kitchen
- Make sure to include all necessary elements with stove, cabinets, wall tiles, stainless surfaces and ceramic floor

Feng Shui Elements :
- Stove represents fire
- Cabinets represents wood
- Blue tiles and sink are water
- Stainless steel refrigerator, stove shelves are metal
- Ceramic floor is earth

What we did - Living room
- Painted walls red and yellow
- Added wood table and chairs
- Added fountain and blue pillow
- Added soft tone sofa

Feng Shui Elements :
Wall colors represents fire and earth
-Table and chair represent wood
-Fountain and pillow are water elements
-Sofa color is earth

What we did - Entrance
- Painted walls red
- Added bamboo and wood picture frame
- Included mirror and black bench top
- Added windchimes & gold sliding door frame
- Added ceramic vase

Feng Shui Elements :
Integrated harmony between sectors
- Red wall = fire
- Wood picture frame = wood
- Mirror and black bench = water
- Winchimes & frame = metal
- Ceramic = Earth

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        Project: Apartment
Location: New York, NY
Approach: Since it is a small apartment & the owner is a freelancer that meets with many different people, I used the five elements to ensure harmony with everybody.


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