What we did - Waiting area
- Good display of merchandise with wood fame
- Added fountain and plants

Feng Shui Elements :
- Frame is in fame (fire) sector. Wood helps fire to grow.
- Fountain and plant is the wealth sector to enhance income

What we did - Exterior
- Green awnings with name of store

Feng Shui Elements :
Green represent wood and therefore upwards growth

What we did - Reception Area
- Reception area with high back chair

Feng Shui Elements :
Person can see who comes in
-Chair is designed to be more supportive for the business

What we did - Consultation area
-Optician faces outward to welcome customer
-Hallway is colored grey

Feng Shui Elements :
-Grey hallway is in creativity sector and the element is metal

What we did - Eye Exam Room
Painted wall Icy Pink
-Placed room in far upper right corner

Feng Shui Elements :
Pink represents good relations
-This room is in the relationship area of the  floorplan

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Project: Optical Store
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