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A very simple tool to help you identify the relation between your space and your life.

It is laminated.                                                                                             $18.00


These are used  to Protect, expand, and harmonize the energy of the environment.

                                                                    20 mm                        $  8.00

                                                                    30 mm                        $ 30.00

                                                                    40 mm                        $ 40.00

                                                                    50 mm                        $ 50.00

                                                                    90 mm                        $ 90.00


To deflect the bad energy and attract the good energy

                                                                   4”                              $   8.00

                                                                   4.5 - 5 “                     $ 10.00


Everyone belongs to an animal sign. wearing it will help you work easier and smoothly with others because they belong to one of the sign

ceramic bracelet is hand painted                                                $ 45.00

jade bracelet is carved jade                                                        $ 25.00

PI-YAO BRACELET                                                                $ 25.00

Pi-yao may not be so commonly known.But in FengShui world it ranks just below dragon in power and especially in protection. It is a mythical symbolic creature. It is the protector of health and wealth. The communicator to the grand duke. Also the evil expeller.            


Mantra are sacred sounds that symbolize the power of the highest consciousness within us. when we chant, write or place close to the body play a big part  in its empowerment.

The empowerment invoked by mantra are limitless.

Mantras are part of your present and they represent the actions you are taking to remove past negative karma and create positive karma. Mantra neutralize difficulties, dissolve blockages and solve all the problems. Also work at preventing potential negative occurrences,

When you wear the mantra on your body they invoke a continuous replay of your mantra recitation.  They help you access your high-self with greater speed and efficiency.

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