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             Project: Restaurant
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Approach: Worked on layout and interior design

-Direction of door is correct
-interior design and arrangements according to the area of BA-KUA (8 trigram) 

Telephone: 203.972.3771 or 646.621.3260
Fax: 203.972.7956

Connecticut: P.O. Box 1601, New Canaan, CT. 06840
New York: 101 W. 23rd St., Suite #6D, New York, New York 10011

What we did: dinning area

-The word "Pizza" and background using red tiles

Feng Shui Elements : This area is the Fame area.
- The element is fire
- The color is red

What we did: oven

-Flame in oven area

Feng Shui Elements :

-Created compatibility because this is the relationship area

and earth sector

What we did: Bathroom
-Red fish sink
-Red door and red accessories

Feng Shui Elements:
Bathroom is wealth area. Color red is to enhance income.

What we did:

-Place the service area in family sector

Feng Shui Elements :

-To show that we all work together as a family in harmony

What we did:
Placed cups and plants. This is the family sector and elements are wood

Feng Shui Elements :
- Cabinets and Bamboo represent wood elements
- Mirror backing to double service therefore double income